Community and social life

The School of Law Volunteers (SOLV)

SOLV photo
SOLV members at JASMIN seminar September 17 to 30 2005

In association with the Graduate School of Law, home students in undergraduate and graduate programs formed the School of Law Volunteers (SOLV) in October 1999, which aims to support overseas students in in the adjustment to life in Japan. SOLV coordinates a number of social events each year, and many of its members serve more formally as tutors to overseas students in language and law. Many overseas students will have an immediate and early opportunity to benefit from SOLV outreach at the flea market that takes place at the beginning of each academic term. See the top of the Directory area of this website for the contact details for SOLV.

Sports facilities

A number of sports facilities are available on campus, including tennis courts, sports grounds, and the University swimming pool. For information on how to make reservations, or to check about opening hours or the terms of use, please refer to the Education Center for International Students (ECIS) website. (The information on sports facilities is under “Information for International Students” → “Daily life” → “Student life”.)

Opening hours of the University swimming pool are maintained by the Research Center for Health, Physical Fitness and Sports. As the website of the latter has only Japanese content, it may be more convenient to ask a Japanese classmate about opening hours of the pool.


Ski Norikura 2007 Ski trip to Norikura, March 8-10, 2007

Ski trips

Trips organized by Graduate School of Law staff during the year are an important opportunity for students to meet classmates from other countries, and to experience Japan beyond the City of Nagoya. Ski trips to the North end of Aichi Prefecture, held in most years since 1999, are a shared experience between students from countries that receive far more snow than Nagoya, and those seeing snow for the first time.

Diet Students at the National Diet of Japan, March 2007

Field trips

Field trips to important national landmarks are also arranged in most years. Groups visited Kyoto in 2001 and in 2004, and the Tango region of Kyoto in 2003. Excursions covering the Shin-Hodaka hot springs region in Gifu Prefecture, the historical town of Takayama, and the Ise Shrine were made in 2005. In the following year, students travelled by ferry to the island of Kyushu, and by bus to Hiroshima. In 2007, destinations included the Japanese Supreme Court and the National Diet in Tokyo, and a hot springs resort in Yamanashi Prefecture.