Security, stress and disputes

Automobile accident

International students are strongly discouraged from driving automobiles, including motorcycles, in Japan, because of the risk of accident and the serious consequences that can follow. However, if you are involved in an automobile accident, either as a driver or as a victim, the Nagoya Automobile Insurance Claims Consulting Center provides a free service for resolving disputes and settling claims.

Sexual Harassment

The University takes a zero-tolerance view of sexual and other forms of harassment. Anyone who is a target of sexual harassment, or who witnesses an instance of harassment, should not hesitate to contact the Sexual Harassment Help Desk for an appointment. Consultations are strictly confidential. and no actions will be taken without the consent of the person suffering from harassment.

Stress and culture shock

Adjusting to life in a foreign country is often a stressful experience. There are several avenues of help that students suffering from stress or anxiety may pursue. The International Student Advising Office is available for general consultation, and can provide advice on steps that can help resolve a difficult situation. The Center for Student Counseling can provide counseling and therapy for serious cases of anxiety and stress-related illness.