Earthquake preparation

Japan witnesses many earthquakes. The 1995 Kansai Earthquake and the 2004 Niigata Earthquake caused immeasurable damage to these regions. It is predicted that an earthquake of equivalent scale will also hit the Tokai area in the foreseeable future. There are things you can do to prepare for the possibility of a major earthquake or other natural disaster.

A straightforward list of “27 Things to Do” is available from the American Red Cross in several languages. Students are encouraged to download a copy of this guide and to follow its simple advice.

An emergency communication service, through which persons in the area of a major disaster can leave messages for friends, colleagues and loved ones, telling them of their condition and whereabouts. The service, which can be used on a trial basis on the first day of every month, is called the Disaster Emergency Dengon Dial service.

The Nagoya University Disaster Management Office is responsible for preparing the University for the possibility of a large-scale earthquake. The Office provides a flier for English speakers, which is available for download from the Office website.