Name Dongkook KANG
Academic post Professor
Faculty of appointment GSL
Office 430
Phone 2323

LL.D. (summa cum laude), University of Tokyo

M.A., Graduate School of Seoul National University

B.A., Seoul National University

Office hours Generally available.








Review Essay 'Manifest Past and Ambiguous Future: Chronologies of Japanese History', Social Science Japan Journal, volume5 Issue2: October 2002. pp. 261-265.

Research interests Nationalism and Colonialism in East Asia, Conceptual History in East Asia
Readings recommended to prospective applicants

Masao Maruyama , translated by Mikiso Hane, Studies in the intellectual history of Tokugawa Japan, Tokyo: Tokyo University Press, 1974.

David L. Hall and Roger T. Ames, Thinking Through Confucius, Albany: State University of New York Press, 1987.

Lydia H. Liu ed., Tokens of Exchange: The Problem of Translation in Global Circulations: Durham & London: Duke University Press, 1999.

Preparation suggestions for prospective applicants The most important tool for the researcher in this field is the ability to read original source texts applicable to the region under study. Within Asia, the leading languages for the researcher are Japanese, Chinese, Hangul (Korean script), with older Chinese scripts playing an important role in historical research. In terms of content, both East Asian and European history are important to this field. I recommend that candidates intent on becoming researchers in this field to prepare themselves through both study of language and the study of history.