Transnational Doctoral Program for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries
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The Graduate School of Law is offering a special research-based doctoral program which primarily targets professionals in government positions, not-for-profit groups, professional societies, and academic institutions in the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

This unique program provides enrolled students with an opportunity to work towards a doctoral degree without having to suspend their career for the duration of their studies.

Upon the completion of the required milestones, submission and acceptance of a dissertation and the sitting of an oral defense, successful candidates will be awarded a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) in Comparative Law and Political Science.

For an overview of the program, please visit the following website:

October 2017 Admissions Round Information

The Graduate School of Law is now accepting applications from eligible applicants for an October 2017 commencement.

Key information

Successful applicants will be expected to commence the program in October 2017. Application materials are available at the top right hand corner of this page The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, 15 May 2017. Applications must be submitted directly to the local Satellite Campus office. Local Satellite Office representatives will liaise directly with Nagoya University main campus on behalf of applicants and will be able to respond to questions associated with admissions.

Contact details of local Satellite Campus Offices in Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Vietnam are provided in the application materials (Instructions for October 2017).

Application materials for the Transnational Doctoral Programs are available under the links to the right. Please refer to the materials for detailed information on eligibility for this program.

Please direct questions related to the application to the following email address:

You may also wish to liaise directly with your local Satellite Office (ASCI Office). Your ASCI Office can provide advice to help you prepare your application. Once complete, your ASCI Office will forward your application to Nagoya University’s main campus on your behalf. Contact details are provided in the instructions.

Word: Applications may be prepared from the Word/Excel files provided to the right.

PDF: Alternatively, if you wish to hand-write your application, please download the PDF files provided to the right.